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Bodybuilding News

What to know about bodybuilding in the news?

Checkout these bodybuilding news stories from around the world.

Muscle man: Police officer turns to body-building

Cory Everson making the most of a workout

Mother of three excelling in bodybuilding competitions

Raymond Tucker is back

Does sugar make you fat

Julie Havelka turns heads by flipping over tires

Bodybuilding toward a healthier goal

Pint-sized powerlifter aiming for british title

Workout warriors hit gyms

Athletes warned of steroid risks

India's Mr Bodybuilding struggling to keep in shape

Bodybuilder, 73, wants to inspire others

Fitparade shows its muscle

John Welsh Thinking BIG

Mark Carter top of the world

Ronnie Coleman is here to . . . pump you up

Zimbabwe bodybuilders fight for honours today

Ron Walters bodybuilder ready to defend masters division title

Ontario bodybuilding how to build a winner

Over 50 bodybuilding champion going strong

Bodybuilding meet a defining moment for India

Trinidadian bodybuilder steals show at Nationals

Josh Bryant the weight-ing game

Australian bodybuilder muscles up

Girl Power - Lifter

Edwin Tan looking better than before his two-year ban

Dan Holtz NASCAR Driver Recognized For Extra Muscle

Workout buddies win bodybuilding trophies

Former bodybuilding world champion Azman Abdullah to make a comeback

Not yet a Greek god body, but I do feel great

Athletes turn to supplements for extra edge

The Couple That Lifts Together . . .

Bahamas strong in women's heavyweight

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